Blown In The Wind

Things come and go with me, some stick around longer and I think about them longer. This page is for basically everything that falls under this umbrella.

Day 5: The Personal Touch

The Free From Project Continues - Day 5: The Personal Touch


The return to my little free writing project! Took some time off right as I began for some reason. Lets see if I can restart it….


I can’t talk.

That’s kind of funny though right? Because I’ve begun to craft a decent little niche for myself using words, mass communication and all of that. But in reality, that’s overkill, because I certainly can. There is really no type of day-to-day…

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Day #4 - Baptism By Brotherhood


Right about this time about nine years back, things were pretty tense. My resolved was beyond tested, my limits past pushed, my trust in self long since given up and shared beyond myself. Yet it still stands as the only time in my life where I woke up while I was still awake, because it was a night that completed the course of my life, while starting it anew.

Now nearly nine years to the hour,…

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Day #3: Politics As Usual


Politics are interesting, and also a common experience everybody shares in life.Whether you do them on a personal or a professional level, life is never too far from having some level of bargaining to move ahead in it. Think about how many internal deals or compromises that you have to make in order to move from checkpoint to checkpoint in life—that are playing the game and that’s making the…

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Day #2: Feeding Over Finding Your Passion

Empty plate with fork and knife.

Finding your passion is overrated, because really it is not that difficult.

You like something, you like doing it, you keep doing it and eventually, it becomes something so essential to you that you do it without even knowing it. You seek it out on a natural level.

However, what is underrated severely is feeding your passion, because like anything else that you appreciate in life, sometimes you…

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#Day 1 - Hi, My Name Is Matt

Hi, my name is Matt. And I suppose this is an introductory thought about me sharing my thoughts.

For a while now, I’ve thought that it would be fun to try something like this: to put together a bunch of my thoughts on all sorts of things, and just chronicle them, for display or for consumption, and do it on a daily level. I think there is a lot of common ground between most people, and some of the

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My Great Valentine Lesson

Valentine’s Day always gets pegged as a holiday for the ladies mostly. Especially once you break out of being a young kid and trading valentine cards with your classmates, desk to desk, the aim of the day really shifts away from the guys getting, and to us giving.

But for me, if I go back to the core of it all, it all really started with my Mother giving to me. For as long as I can remember, my Mother has always done something extra for me that day. No matter if it was a card or a really cool token of something that plays into me (like the baseball with heart shaped stitching last year), she always comes through that day with something.

On observation, that taught me a valuable lesson about the day. It’s no secret that on the surface level, many men appear to do Valentine’s Day because there’s really no way around it. But it gets deeper than that.

I learned to give, by receiving. Somehow, despite her doing this for as many years as I can remember now, getting a small token of appreciation on Valentine’s Day is still a bit of a surprise for me. For her, it’s nice to be able to do something for me, and for me the thought is nice. And it’s what’s taught me now as a man to remember to do the same not just in return, but for the object of my affections as well as I’ve gotten older. That altruism of giving to another, just for the pure happiness it brings you.

Really, it’s a marker in maybe the best lesson that my Mother ever has, or will, teach me: how to give. How to give without the expectation of something back, and to only do it for the dual happiness it gives both sides. How it’s not always how grand the gesture is, but just the thought that goes into remembering to do it. I don’t believe that a woman can complete raise a man; there are simply things that you can only learn from others. But you can learn how to treat a woman, from another woman, as well as just learn regular selfless decency as well.

And that’s probably the best Valentine’s gift she ever gave me….but the annual refill on Reece’s cups isn’t too bad either. Even for a guy about to hang his coat on year 30’s rack.

NEW in the CHEAP SEATS - Mizzou Alumni Homecoming Weekend 101…Where to be and when this HomecomingView Postshared via

NEW in the CHEAP SEATS - Mizzou Alumni Homecoming Weekend 101…Where to be and when this Homecoming

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NEW in the CHEAP SEATS - The CHEAT SHEET in the CHEAP SEATS - My NFL Week 2 picks in full….View Postshared via

NEW in the CHEAP SEATS - The CHEAT SHEET in the CHEAP SEATS - My NFL Week 2 picks in full….

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The CHEAT SHEET in the CHEAP SEATS - Week 2 

NEW in the CHEAP SEATS (Thursday Night Edition) : The CHEAT SHEET in the CHEAP SEATS - NFL Picks Week 2 (pt 1)

This is the short version, but I had to get my pick in before this newfangled week 2 early kickoff….

Chicago Bears (1-0) at Green Bay Packers (0-1):The Pack took a solid loss to start the season up, but still stunning because #1) it was at Lambeau, and…

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